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Our wide range of value-added services allow our customers to focus on their product development, sales and marketing channels, and core business strategies, while we manage the material supply chain, manufacturing, testing, custom packaging, and specialized logistics functions.

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Our Reputation

APSM Systems has built a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services for more than four decades. The company has invested significantly in each of our core manufacturing capabilities to create one of the most diverse contract manufacturing companies in the world.

Our expertise in the following areas has provided our OEM customers a one-stop shop for complete design and manufacturing support; from New Product Introduction (NPI), to Prototype and Quick-turn, through production and end-of-life:

Design, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Wet Paint/Powder Paint, Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Test, Cable and Harness Assembly, System Integration.

Company Profile

APSM Systems is a vertically integrated contract product manufacturer, providing product manufacturing services to OEM's. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona (USA), we conduct business worldwide.

Our diverse range of products for our customers include medical devices, legalized gaming devices, industrial controls, servers, IT racking systems, kiosks, and many other exciting products.

All of our products are manufactured in North America by one or a combination of our 3 facilities located in Las Vegas (Nevada), Phoenix (Arizona), and Guaymas in Sonora (Mexico).

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be honest, dependable, trustworthy, and happy while making a profit at being the best manufacturing service in the world.

Through strategic planning we continuously improve, integrate, and optimize our procedures to eliminate waste and inefficiencies of any kind in order to exceed ultimate customer needs and requirements at the lowest total overall cost.

Our Quality Policy

APSM Systems quality policy is to consistently meet or exceed our internal and external customer expectations.

Management encourages an environment that requires quality and excellence through reviewing the work process and implementing effective corrective action.

Emphasis is placed upon preventative techniques and continuous improvement.

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APSM Systems
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