APSM Systems vertically integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) exceeds customer expectations.

Our product design, lean manufacturing and logistics solutions moves a product from its initial design, through volume production, testing and distribution.

APSM Systems Service Centers
Sheet Metal Fabrication
1966 - Sheet Metal Fabrication

APSM Systems has offered Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Since 1966.

Wet and Powder Finishing
1980's - Finishing

APSM Systems has been wet painting parts since the mid 1970's and powder coating parts since the early 1980's.

1987 - Circuit Board Assembly

APSM Systems has offered Circuit Board Assembly services since 1987.

Cable/Wire Harness
1988 - Cable/Wire Harness

APSM Systems began assembling wire harnesses in 1988.

1994 - Integration

APSM Systems began offering full product integration services in 1994.

Design Services Example
1997 - Design

APSM Systems began offering product Design services in 1997.

Design Services
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Wet and Powder Coat Finishing
Cable/Wire Harness

APSM Systems Business Model vs Competitor Business Model

  1. APSM Systems
  2. Competitor
Business Model
Competitor Model

Outsourcing Advantages

At APSM Systems, we offer our clients the following competitive outsourcing advantages:

  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Shorter product time to market
  • Lower total cost of ownership